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 1388 Wycliffe's Bible
 1516 William Tyndale's NT
 1535 Myles Coverdale's Bible
 1537 Tyndale-Matthews Bible
 1539 The Great Bible
 1539 Taverner's Bible (Rychard Taverner)
 1560 The Geneva Bible
 1568 The Bishop's Bible
 1609 Douay-Rheims Bible (Catholic)
 1611 KJV/KJB/AV King James Version/King James Bible/Authorized Version
 1752 Challoner's revision of the Douay-Rheims Bible
 1764 Quaker Bible
 1808 Thomson's Translation Old Testament (Charles Thomson)
 1830 Joseph Smith Translation of the Bible
 1833 Noah Webster's Bible
 1844 Joseph Smith Translation of the Bible (Also called "Inspired version of the Bible")
 1851 Brenton's English Translation of the Septuagint
 1862 YLT Young's Literal Translation
 1864 Emphatic Diaglott by Benjamn Wilson
 1876 Julia E. Smith Parker Translation
 1881 Sinai and Comparative NT by Edwin Leigh
 1885 ERV English Revised Version (NT 1881)
 1885 DBY A New Translation - Darby Bible (John Darby)
 1897 The New Dispensation
 1898 American Revised Version
 1898 The Woman's Bible
 1901 ASV American Standard Version
 1901 The Modern American Bible
 1902 Rotherham's Emphasized Bible
 1902 Twentieth Century NT
 1902 The Emphasized Bible
 1903 WEY The NT in Modern Speech (Weymouth)
 1903 Ferrar Fenton Bible
 1904 The Corrected English NT
 1904 The NT Revised and Translated
 1904 Worrell New Testament (by A. S. Worrell)
 1909 The University NT
 1909 The Shorter Bible
 1909 The Bible in Modern English
 1909 CV Concordant Version
 1910 The Restored NT
 1912 The Holy Bible: An Improved Edition
 1913 The Literary Man's NT
 1914 The New Covenant
 1917 The Wisdom Books in Modern Speech (John Edgar McFadyen)
 1921 A Plain Translation of the NT
 1923 GSP The NT, An American Translation (Goodspeed)
 1924 Centenary Translation of the N.T. (Montgomery)
 1924 The Older Children's Bible
 1924 The Everyday Bible
 1924 Centenary NT, by Helen Barrett Montgomery
 1926 The Western NT
 1926 MOF The Bible: A New Translation (by James Moffatt)
 1927 GSP Godspeed Version (NT 1923)
 1931 The Complete Bible
 1933 Lamsa Lamsa Bible (by George Lamsa)
 1935 AAT An American Translation (by Smith and Goodspeed)
 1936 WVSS Westminster Bible
 1937 WIL The NT in the Language of the People (Charlie B. Williams)
 1941 SCM Spencer NT
 1941 CFY Confraternity Bible
 1944 ASV American Standard Version (JW)
 1951 The Authentic Version
 1952 RSV Revised Standard Version
 1952 The Four Gospels by E. V. Rieu Penguin
 1955 The Clarified NT
 1955 Knox Knox's Translation of the Vulgate
 1955 The Authentic NT, by Hugh Schonfield
 1956 KLNT Kleist Lily NT
 1958 JBP The NT in Modern English (J.B. Phillips)
 1958 BV Berkeley Version
 1960 CKJV Children's King James Version (Jay P Green)
 1961 NWT New World Translation of the Holy Scriptures (Jehovah's Witnesses)
 1961 The Jesus People NT
 1961 The NT: An Expanded Translation (Kenneth Wuest)
 1961 The Simplified NT, by Olaf M. Norlie
 1962 MKJV Modern King James Version (Jay Green)
 1963 BCK Beck Bible
 1963 Judaica Press
 1965 AMP The Amplified Bible
 1965 BBE Bible in Basic English
 1966 RSV-CE Revised Standard Version Catholic Edition
 1966 JB Jerusalem Bible
 1966 TEV Today's English Version
 1968 The NT: a New Translation, by William Barclay
 1969 BWE Bible in Worldwide English
 1969 MLB Modern Language Bible (New Berkley Version)
 1970 NAB New American Bible
 1970 KJVII King James II Version (Jay Green)
 1970 NEB New English Bible
 1971 NASB New American Standard Bible
 1971 TLB The Living Bible (Kenneth Taylor)
 1971 TSB The Story Bible
 1972 PHI The NT in Modern English (J.B. Phillips)
 1972 LivEng The Bible in Living English (JW)
 1973 CPV Cotton Patch Version
 1976 GNB Good New Bible
 1976 BECK An American Translation (by William F. Beck)
 1977 The Four Gospels, by Norman Marrow
 1978 NIV New International Version
 1978 SEB Simple English Bible (Dr. Stanley Morris)
 1980 SEV Simple English Version
 1980 The Distilled Bible
 1981 The Compact Bible
 1981 The Living Torah by Aryeh Kaplan
 1982 The Reader's Digest Bible
 1982 NKJV New King James Version
 1985 NJB New Jerusalem Bible
 1985 The Recovery Version
 1985 TNK Tanak: The Holy Scriptures (OT)
 1985 NJB New Jerusalem Bible
 1985 New Jewish Publication Society of America Version
 1985 The Original NT, by Hugh Schonfield
 1986 English Version for the Deaf
 1986 ICB International Children's Bible
 1986 NLB New Life Bible
 1986 NLV New Life Version (Gleason Ledyard)
 1986 CCB Christian Community Bible
 1987 Easy to Read Version
 1987 LIT A Literal Translation of the Bible (Jay Green)
 1987 NCV New Century Version
 1988 New Evangelical Translation
 1988 Christian Community Bible
 1988 McCord's NT Translation of the Everlasting Gospel by Hugo McCord
 1989 ERV Easy-to-Read Version
 1989 God's New Covenant
 1989 NRSV New Revised Standard Version
 1989 JNT Jewish NT
 1989 REB Revised English Bible
 1989 NRSVCE New Revised Standard Version Catholic Edition
 1990 The New Translation
 1990 MKJV Modern King James Version (Green)
 1991 KJ21 21st Century King James Version (NT)
 1991 CEV Contemporary English Version (NT)
 1991 The Unvarnished New Testament (Andy Gaus)
 1992 Alba House Gospels (Catholic)
 1992 CWB Clear Word Bible
 1994 The Clear Word (SDA paraphrase)
 1994 Leeser Bible Tanakh Old Testament
 1995 NASU New American Standard - Updated Edition
 1995 MSG The Message
 1995 The Schocken Bible Volume 1: The Five Books of Moses
 1996 GW God's Word
 1996 NIrV New International Reader's Version
 1996 NIVI New International Version Inclusive Language Edition
 1996 The Living Nach by Yaakov Elman
 1996 Stone Edition (Artscroll)
 1996 The NT, by Richmond Lattimore
 1997 NLT The New Living Translation
 1998 NET The NET Bible (New English Translation)
 1998 CJB Complete Jewish Bible
 1999 AKJV American King James Version
 1999 RcV Recovery Version
 1999 TCE The Common Edition NT
 2000 KJV2000 King James 2000 Version
 2000 UKJV Updated King James Version
 2000 English Jubilee 2000 Bible
 2001 HSV Holy Scriptures Version
 2001 ESV English Standard Version
 2001 EEB EasyEnglish Bible
 2001 James Murdock's Translation of the Syriac Peshitta
 2003 ISV International Standard Version
 2003 CKJV Comfort-able King James Version
 2003 NSB New Simplified Bible
 2003 TSB The Story Bible
 2003 TMB Third Millennium Bible
 2003 A Voice In The Wilderness Holy Scriptures
 2004 HCSB Holman Christian Standard Bible
 2004 AB The Apostle's Bible
 2005 ACV A Conservative Version
 2005 ALT Analytical-Literal Translation
 2005 TNIV Today's New International Version
 2005 NCPB New Cambridge Paragraph Bible
 2005 NET New English Translation (Internet)
 2005 CAB Complete Apostle's Bible
 2005 ACV A Conservative Version
 2006 WEB World English Bible
 2006 AV7 AV7 New Authorized Version
 2006 ARTB Ancient Roots Translinear Bible (OT)
 2007 RNKJV Restored Name King James Version (Internet)
 2007 NETS New English Translation of the Septuagint
 2007 DRP David Robert Palmer Translation
 2007 MGB The Manga Bible
 2007 The Inclusive Bible
 2008 CPDV Catholic Public Domain Version
 2008 MASV Modern American Standard Version
 2008 TFB The Free Bible
 2008 TEB The Original Bible Project - Transparent English Bible
 2008 The Orthodox Study Bible
 2008 The Voice - New Testament
 2009 CPDV Catholic Public Domain Version
 2009 The Literary Bible - Old Testament (by David Rosenburg)
 2010 WGCIG Work of God Children Illustrated Bible
 2011 EOB Eastern/Greek Orthodox Bible
 2011 LOLCAT LOLCat Bible
 2011 The Kingdom New Testament
 2011 NABRE New American Bible Revised Edition
 2011 CEV Common English Version
 2011 NEV New European Version
 2012 MLV Modern Literal Version