"Experience the Holy Land" is an educational, multi-media presentation series created by Chuck Louviere, MDivBL. It is designed to bring glory to God, edify the body of Christ, and strengthen the faith of Christians. This is done by visiting, through visual media, several traditional "Holy Land" sites where actual Biblical events took place. This series will enlighten your understanding of many places, events, people, & traditions mentioned in the Bible. The presentations are filled with Bible references, background information, archaeological evidence, display of artifacts, maps, posters, and other items brought back from the Holy Land. The sessions are also flexible, allowing for "question and answer" interaction, during or after the presentation of literally hundreds of digital images as well as some video. "It is the next best thing to actually being there." If you, your church, or other group has the ability to display media and would be interested in a Sunday Night, Wednesday night (or other meeting time) of 1 or more session(s), please contact us for more information about scheduling a guest speaker (Oklahoma City area only).

Here are some of the available sessions:

  • Egypt, Greece, and Jordan (2 sessions)
  • Cities of Israel A-Z (2 sessions)
  • City of Jerusalem A-Z (2 sessions)
  • Jerusalem Churches & Tombs (1 session)
  • Jerusalem Gates, Walls, & Valleys (1 session)
  • People, Culture, Customs, & Traditions (1 session)

May God's richest blessings be yours as you seek to serve Him daily.

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